DRAINWERK: Surface drainage solutions

We got the tools

Our team of licensed professional engineers stand ready to exceed your surface drainage expectations.  We will work with you and/or your engineers to bring the right solutions to your project.  Let us help you design and build a better product.  Our engineers are licensed in Florida, Texas, and Louisiana.  With decades of experience, we stand ready to meet any challenge.


Our slot channels are FDOT approved.  They have been in use for decades, and there are literally thousands of kilometers of slot channels in use today throughout Europe.  Drainwerk is the first company to bring this innovative technology and product to the US market.  Our partners, Betonwerk, are the leading provider of slot channels in Europe.

Competitive Pricing

Let us help save you time and money.  Our slot channels are a mere fraction of the costs of conventional trench drains, and most times they are far less costly than conventional drainage designs.  Not only are they less expensive, but they are far easier to install by greatly reducing cut & fill volumes through their at-grade placement.

SlotChannelUS, LLC is the U.S. manufacturer of pre-fabricated slot channel drainage systems for the conveyance of surface water runoff. We are partners with Betonwerk  Neu-Ulm,  to manufacture their proprietary slot channel products here in the United States. In the late 1960’s, Munich Airport came to Betonwerk to solve surface water drainage challenges on their taxiways.  Thereafter, Betwonwerk designed and manufactured the first slot channels for them.  In the early 1980’s, Germany initiated a safety program to address high incidents of accidents on their Autobahn.  This drove the placement of hundreds of kilometers of slot channels along the Autobahn for the efficient collection of surface water runoff. Below are our principals and partners that stand ready to exceed your expectations with our surface drainage solutions.

Max Crumit, P.E.

Max Crumit is an Orlando, Florida resident with over 30 years of transportation and civil engineering experience.  He is a licensed professional engineer in Florida, Texas, and Louisiana.  He holds a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering from the University of Florida, and he is a graduate of the Executive Business Institute of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Michael Goebel

Michael Goebel is the CEO of Betonwerk, Neu Ulm, in Germany.  His father designed and manufactured the first slot channel for Munich Airport in the 1960’s.  Michael is licensed attorney, and he runs the family-owned Betonwerk business full-time.  Michael lives in Stuttgart, Germany with his wife, and spends several months every year in the United States.

Drainwerk is owned and operated by Florida-based transportation professionals, Max Crumit, P.E., and Michael Goebel. Drainwerk products are manufactured in Sanford, Florida by Tricon, a proven U.S. based precast product manufacturer.

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