Residential: Efficient and durable

Slot channels are the perfect solution for pool decks, driveways, and all paver areas.  Aesthetic, efficient, and durable, our slot channels are built to last.

SlotChannelUS’s simple, modular system is easy-to-maintain and long lasting…it will be the last drain you ever need!

  • Driveways

    Easy to install and maintain
    Safe for strollers and wheelchairs
    Quiet, eliminates grate vibration noise

  • Pool Decks

    Lower head conveyance for runoff
    Aesthetic, can be color matched
    Slip resistance

  • Public Amenities

    Designed for traffic bearing loads
    Safer and eliminates water ponding
    Noise neutral

Great for you

SlotChannelUS’s drains are ideal for residential uses.  They are reusable, even years after initial installation.  They accommodate poolside safety fences, and are more efficient and durable than plastic slot drains.  Their proprietary design reduces surface debris infiltration, thereby reducing maintenance.  Rarely required, maintenance occurs from the pool deck with a standard power washer that moves debris to the clean outs!

Insist that your general and/or pool contractor use products from SlotChannelUS, LLC, for your individual needs!