Frequently Asked Questions

Are SlotChannelUS products approved by FDOT?

YES! Our Slot Channels are designed to exceed highway, and even, aircraft loading requirements.

Are SlotChannelUS products more economical than trench drains?

YES!  Slot Channels operate identical to cast-in-place trench drains for a small fraction of the cost.  Slot Channels are pre-manufactured and assembled much like conventional RCP with a bell and spigot joint.  After base preparation, a 12-foot length of 12-inch diameter Slot Channel can be installed in 5 minutes.

Are SlotChannelUS products more economical than conventional drainage solutions?

Many times…YES!  Experience has demonstrated that Slot Channels are more economical than conventional drainage solutions 90% of the time for commercial applications and 40% of the time for highways and streets.

Are SlotChannelUS products ADA compliant?

YES!  Our 4-inch diameter Slot Channel comes standard as ADA compliant.  Other Slot Channel diameters can be manufactured to meet ADA and bicycle traffic standards.

How are Slot Drains sized?

Slot Channels are sized by analyzing both weir flow using Manning’s equation and the orifice equation with the proper coefficient of discharge related to the slot design.  Slot Channels can be manufactured with a continuous slot or an intermittent slot depending on its intended use.  We even have a calculator on this website.  If you have any technical questions, please do not hesitate to contact us to proof your calculations free of charge.

Can SlotChannelUS products be used next to curbs?

YES!  Slot Channels can be manufactured with curbs built into each drain.