Slot channels are ideal for commercial developments and parking facilities.  ADA compliance, aesthetics, efficiency, and durability are just some of the reasons that make slot

channels the right choice. Our slot drains are continuous linear inlets making them easy to maintain.

  • Parking lots

    Lower head conveyance for runoff
    Suitable for heavy load class delivery vehicles
    Perfect for fuel containment areas
    Can be driven over even during maintenance

  • Rest stops/pedestrian areas

    Safer and eliminates water ponding
    Tight channel track/ADA compliant
    Safe for bicycles, strollers and wheelchairs

  • Convenience stores

    Perfect for fuel containment areas
    Designed for traffic bearing loads
    Prevents contaminated surface water from getting into ground water
    Tight channel track/ADA compliant
    Easier to maintain

  • Commercial Plazas

    Clean, linear pre-cast design
    Easy to maintain
    ADA compliant
    Safer and eliminates water ponding
    No limitations for delivery vehicles and event traffic

FDOT Approved & ADA Compliant

Slot channels are more cost efficient than conventional drainage systems for commercial projects almost 90 percent of the time.  SlotChannelUS, LLC, and our engineers will be more than pleased to meet with you and explain how this innovative and proprietary product will improve your land development projects.

Let SlotChannelUS, LLC, work with your engineers, planners, and architects to provide a custom solution to surface drainage needs.