Slot channels are used extensively throughout Europe for both landside and airside applications.  They are perfect for fuel containment areas, aprons, and taxiways.   For the last 50 years, slot channels have been the go-to solution for surface drainage needs at the Munich airport.

  • Aviation

    Low head conveyance for runoff
    Prevents contaminated surface water from getting into ground water
    Reduces utility conflicts
    Safer elimination of water pooling
    Optimal for static and dynamic heavy load

Insist that your planners, engineers, and contractors consider products from SlotChannelUS, LLC, for your aviation facility needs!

Great for you

Simply put…SlotChannelUS, LLC, can simplify and improve drainage for your airport, both airside and landside.  Our slot channels are used on airports throughout Europe, including DOD facilities, because of their efficiency, costs, and ease of maintenance.

Make it happen

Let our engineers work with your planners, engineers, architects, and contractors to demonstrate how our slot channel products can improve the collection of surface water runoff for your aviation facility!