Hydraulic Calculator

Civil engineers are used to calculating pipe flow, stationary weir capacities, and HGL’s, but what about non-stationary weirs and orifice capacities.  Our engineers will work with yours to ensure their questions are answered.  We have also created a hydraulic capacity calculator to check their work.

SlotChannelUS, LLC, feels comfortable that once your engineers are exposed to the engineering and cost benefits of our slot channels, SlotChannelUS, LLC, will be their first choice in drainage design.

Interested in the inlet capacity of our slot channels? Test drive our hydraulic calculator.  If you need assistance in sizing our slot channels, do not hesitate to “Contact Us.”

Great for you

Let our engineers work with your planners, engineers, architects, and contractors to demonstrate how our slot channel products can help exceed your drainage needs in a less costly, safer, and more efficient manner!